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8 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Floor Tiles

When people enter your home, your floor is the first thing that gets their attention. And since the first impressions last longer, you need to strive to make your floor look its best. Without a doubt, the floor of your home speaks much of your status and personality. It also showcases the value of the entire living space. 

Whether in the internal or external part of your home, there is a need for you to make sure you install an impressive flooring that will get people nodding ‘Yes’ as they step in from your gate. 

You should have understood why investing in high-quality floor tiles is imperative with the little said above. Trust me, if you want to create a luxurious look and feel in your home the subway tile patterns, it all starts with the kind of tiles you have on your floor. 

Meanwhile, choosing the right floor tiles can be a tedious task, especially today. If you have once been to the market to sample, you will have a clearer picture of how challenging it could be to choose the best floor tiles. Of course, the market is already saturated with a pool of picky floor tiles options. But, with appropriate guidance from a professional, you can make an informed decision that will give you the desired result. 

Before you dash to the market, there are some fundamental questions you need to ask yourself to make the best out of your floor tiles purchase. That is what this write-up is offering you exclusively. Here are the most critical eight questions to ask before you choose to decide the right floor tiles for both your interior and exterior spaces.

1. Where do I want to install the floor tiles?

This question sounds very simple, but it is a multimillion-dollar question. Before anything, you need first to provide an honest answer to this question because it will determine which kind of floor tiles you would buy after all. 

You must determine where you want to install your floor tiles before purchasing. Otherwise, you will be putting your hard-earned money on the line. For instance, the floor tiles required for your outdoor space differ from those suitable for your interior design. More so, the vibrant mosaic floor tiles that work well for your pool liner is not a good option for your pool decking. 

The surface where you want to install the floor tiles also matters. You will need some floor tiles with more expansion joints and crack-resistant on a concrete slab. Checkout more about outdoor tiles on njapchardwoodfloors.com/the-best-7-floor-tiles-for-your-outdoor-space/

2. How do you intend to use the space?

It is also essential that you determine the purpose of the space before choosing the right floor tiles for your space. Is the place meant for residential or commercial purposes? How much traffic do you expect on the floor tiles daily? Are you installing the floor tiles on an interior or exterior space? Are the floor tiles going to experience constant exposure to moisture? Is the area covered? These questions are more than essential to determine how heavy you would use the floor tiles.

If the space would experience heavy traffic, you should go for challenging and scratch-resistant floor tiles that can withstand the daily pressure. If you use the floor tiles in a space prone to water, you might need non-porous floor tiles.

3. What is the thickness you want?

In case you don’t know, floor tiles come in various thicknesses. That’s why you need to know the thickness of the floor tiles suitable for the space before you plunge and run to the market.

Standard porcelain floor tiles are typically 1/4″ thick, while pavers, the thickest floor tiles, are 3/4″, three times thicker. 

For a covered outdoor space, it is advisable to use floor tiles with the thickness of ½”, 3/8″ or 5/16″. Now, imagine you using 3/4″ thick tiles to cover a space where you ought to use 1/4″ thick floor tiles. It’s already a disaster.

4. What are the weather conditions of your area?

This question is also critical in determining which floor tiles will be suitable for your space. Whether you accept it or not, the weather conditions of your area will have an effect on our floor tiles over time. That’s why you have to carefully choose floor tiles that can stand the nature of your climate in the long-running years.

Suppose you install your floor tiles on an exterior space with regular freeze cycles. In that case, you should buy dense floor tiles that can withstand the freezing temperature. For a hot sunny space, you would need light-colored floor tiles. Click here to know anticipated overfiring in porcelain tiles.

5. What is your scale?

Your scale is the mass of the space where you want to install the floor tiles. It is essential to identify the size of your floor space before choosing the floor tiles to be installed on it. A small space needs small floor tiles to look perfect and appear larger for the best result. In that light, you already know what to use for ample space.

6. What is your intended style?

The kind of your preferred home décor design might dictate your ideal choice of floor tiles. To achieve your décor desire, you can speak with a home décor expert for professional advice on which type of floor tiles will work best for your custom design.

Modern Living Room Floor Tiles Design | Ceramic Floor Tiles Colors |  Bedroom Vitrified Floor Tiles - SG MaxHouzez

7. What’s the color of your home?

The current trend says that you match your tiles with the overall color of your building. Of course, I know you wouldn’t want your floor to disagree with your home’s overall color. Hence, you need to choose your floor tiles according to your home décor color.

8. How much light do you want in the space?

The light levels you want to project on the space also matter when choosing the right floor tiles for your home. Dark floor tiles in a low-light space can create a melancholy mood. Floor tiles made with highly luminous materials are perfect for low-light areas.

Final Words 

It is always heartening knowing that you have purchased the right floor tiles for your space. However, it doesn’t happen by chance. You will have to make sure you provide the correct answers to the above-listed questions before you finally place your order if you want to get value for your money. 

The Best 7 Floor Tiles for Your Outdoor Space

The expression “Forst impression last longer“ is true of every home. The exterior part of your building plays a tremendously significant role in how much people will value your building. Meanwhile, one of the best ways to create a remarkable first impression on your outdoor space is by installing high-quality floor tiles on some of our outdoor surfaces, such as patios and decks.

Floor tiles are among the best outdoor design materials because they are easier to maintain, much more durable, and cost-effective compared to other outdoor flooring options available. Indeed, not many people know the wonders of floor tiles in the outdoor space, either residential or commercial. 

It might come as a shock to hear that most of the luxurious outdoor spaces you see around are made of floor tiles, and I would like to break it to you that floor tiles can do so much more in outdoor areas. The most sensible thing seems to be knowing how to choose the perfect outdoor floor tiles that can make the exterior part of your home a mini paradise.

Yes. Outdoor floor tiles are pretty different from the traditional indoor floor tiles you see. They have some unique features that make them more suitable for exterior use. Most of them are specially made to withstand the different atmospheric conditions of outer space including, constant exposure to rainfall and sunlight, 

There are different types of outdoor floor tiles available for your use. Still, they all seem stylish, gorgeous, and strong enough to remain in their typical attractive-looking state even in outdoor environments. learn more about tiles at https://www.builddirect.com/blog/what-are-the-best-tile-options-for-your-deck-or-patio/

Are you seeking ways to choose the right floor tiles for your outdoor space? You will first need to learn about the different types of outdoor floor tiles to help you make an informed decision when you get to the market. Here is the list of the best seven-floor tiles you can use for any surface on your home’s exterior space. 

1. Granite 

The Best 7 Floor Tiles for Your Outdoor Space

Granite tiles are the strongest and most complex natural stone tiles. They are among the best floor tiles you can use to beautify almost any surface in the outdoor area of your home.  These outdoor floor tiles are super durable. They can last for as long as the bu7ilding itself exists. As if that is not enough, they are also resilient to the elements. If you want to install floor tiles that belong to the natural family in the outdoor area of your home, granite tiles are among the best options available for you. 

If you live in an area that experiences harsh weather conditions from time to time, you may have to consider granite tiles. You can also get granite tiles in various colors, from attractive white to moody black.

2. Marble 

Marble tends to be slightly less complicated and can absorb water, which can be a great advantage for you in the rainy season. However, it may also seem a disadvantage if you consider that you will have to apply more sealant to make it strong enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic and severe weather conditions. Its one-of-a-kind veined finish makes it look more sophisticated, which is a specific appearance that most homeowners admire.

The Best 7 Floor Tiles for Your Outdoor Space

More so, you can get marble floor tiles in several colors, from black to white. While most people prefer marble floor tiles with a smooth polished finish, the slip-resistant marble tiles with a rough surface are more ideal for outdoor flooring. 

3. Slate

One of the reasons many homeowners prefer this floor tile to marble and granite is because it is softer in feet. However, its smooth characteristics do not mean it is not strong enough for use in the outdoor area of your home. In fact, it is more suitable for patios and deck areas. Unlike other natural stone floor tiles, slate tiles do not look alike. It comes in varieties of colors and textures, making it a better choice for creating the different design as you may ever want it. If you’re going to use floor tiles to create a natural visual effect, slate tiles are great options. 

The Best 7 Floor Tiles for Your Outdoor Space

4. Limestone 

Limestone is a soft, porous natural stone that works well in the outdoor area of a home. However, you will need to seal all the edges of these floor tiles to protect them from stains and other damages from unfavorable weather conditions. Limestone stone tends to show wear and tear quickly. Due to that, it is not ideal for use in high traffic areas. learn more about limestone by clicking here

The Best 7 Floor Tiles for Your Outdoor Space

These floor tiles create a unique testier that its lovers will find irresistible. You can get different kinds of colors ranging from white to brown. Meanwhile, polished limestone tiles can get slippery when wet, but non-slippery versions are available in the present market.

5. Travertine 

Travertine is a particular type of limestone that is composed of calcite. This floor tile comes with a texture similar to the regular limestone, but they are softer. Most of the travertine floor tiles are porous. So, you would have to apply sealants to all the edges of the tiles to be fit for outdoor use. 

The Best 7 Floor Tiles for Your Outdoor Space

These floor tiles work best on decks and patios. With its gorgeous look and flexibility, you can use it to create any design of your choice in the exterior space of your home.

6. Porcelain floor ties 

There are different porcelain floor tiles for interior and exterior use. The exterior porcelain floor tiles are specially made to withstand the other weather condition of the outdoor environment.  Ensure that you are specific enough when requesting your porcelain floor tiles for outdoor to mistake the interior tiles for the exterior.

The Best 7 Floor Tiles for Your Outdoor Space

7. Wood tiles

Wood tiles are also a smart choice for outdoor use. They are made from hardwoods, so they are extreme and durable with the capacity to withstand the pressure of the outdoor environment. 

Among other outdoor floor tile options, wood tiles are the most affordable, and they are always readily available. They also come in different colors. 

The Best 7 Floor Tiles for Your Outdoor Space

Final Words

your outdoor space can look its best without spending much money on sophisticated flooring materials. The above-listed floor tiles will give your exterior space an incredible transformation without costing you much. They are also easy to clean and are durable enough to last a lifetime if properly maintained.

The Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Bathroom

How your bathroom looks or feels is very significant in the way people estimate or value your home. in the homebuying market, a nice-looking bathroom is a great Unique Selling Point (USP) that attracts buyers and gives homeowners an advantage to augment the total value of the property.

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, the quality of the floor tiles you install maters.  Why? The bathroom is its center of attraction. When people step into your bathroom, the first thing they will notice is the floor. So, if you want to make the best out of your bathroom, it all starts from the best bathroom tiles you install in the space. 

Meanwhile, choosing the best floor tiles for your bathroom upgrade can be somewhat challenging due to the surprising surge in the floor tiles market in recent times. 

Allow me to ask you a direct question: Have you ever been to the market to get floor tiles for your bathroom upgrade? If yes, you would have seen how competitive and challenging it is to choose the right one for your bathroom.

However, though the continuously increasing competition can make it difficult to choose, I have helped you complied a well-researched list that contains the best seven-floor tiles from top manufacturers from all around the globe to help you narrow down your search.  

You need to choose floor tiles that can ideally prevent moisture from penetrating the bathroom floor below the surface and won’t get slippery when it becomes wet. Most of all, your choice of floor tiles must be cost-effective and be super versatile to create different styles and designs. 

This guide will get you familiar with the best floor tiles options available to upgrade your bathroom to make your decision-making easier.

Here is the list.

1. Ceramic And Porcelain Floor Tiles

Whether your tastes run to stone or wood lookalikes, colorful penny tiles, or lattice-patterned squares, you’re likely to find that the offerings of ceramic and porcelain tile are some of the best in the bathroom floor tile. Like vinyl, ceramics score high concerning maintenance, too, but they are not nearly as comfortable to the barefoot. Installing radiant floor heat helps to change that, but a hard surface is challenging whether or not it’s warm. Ceramics are not as easy to install as vinyl, though it is a job the adventurous do-it-yourselfer can tackle. When protected with a high-grade glaze, ceramic will resist wear and scratches. Porcelain tiles are harder than clay-based tiles and may have through-body color, an advantage if chipping occurs.

The Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Bathroom

2. Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vinyl is the most popular bathroom flooring material because of its low cost and a high degree of practicality. It is well-suited for every bathroom in the house, from the master bath to the powder room. Hands down, it beats other popular choices for safety, comfort, and durability. Almost as necessary, the top manufacturers of vinyl tiles have come a long way in aesthetic appeal and ease of installation. The material is self-adhering and can be cut with a simple utility knife.

The Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Bathroom

3. Stone Tiles

Stone tiles were once confined to the foyer. However, in the past couple of decades, they have gained popularity in other rooms, including the bathroom. Made from limestone, marble, granite, and slate, stone tiles are available in colors that range from creams to blues, reds, greens, and golds. Available textures are nearly as numerous and include cleft, tumbled, sandblasted, etched, and flamed variations. learn more about floor tiles at http://njapchardwoodfloors.com/the-best-7-floor-tiles-for-your-outdoor-space/

The Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Stone is typically more expensive than similar-looking ceramic or porcelain tiles. Plus, naturally porous stone requires more maintenance than ceramic tile; regular cleaning and sealing are recommended. (See our recommendations for the best granite sealers and marble sealers to preserve your investments.)

4. Glass Tiles

The aesthetic appeal of a glass floor tile is twofold: Covering part of the floor in a thin layer of glass creates the illusion of depth and, if tinted, a lovely stained-glass effect. Installed correctly, this type of tile holds up well—be sure to select floor-rated tile and textured glass to prevent slips. Small glass tiles with lots of grout joints are also slip-resistant. With these tips in mind, consider customizing a shower floor (perhaps even up the sides) with tiny glass tile squares to create a showy feature in the bathroom.

The Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Bathroom

5. Linoleum Floor Tiles

Linoleum is made of linseed oil, cork powder, wood flour, ground limestone, and pigments. It is at home in contemporary or retro settings and well-suited to the bathroom. It’s touted as naturally inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and repelling dust and dirt, all while retaining its color. 

Click-in-place plank designs make it easy to install, and there is no doubt that the stuff looks great. The look comes at a cost, however, as linoleum is relatively expensive.

The Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Bathroom

6. Plastic Laminate Floor Tiles

Plastic laminate tiles (more commonly available as planks) are also a good choice, especially if you’re remodeling. Like the laminate material that covered kitchen countertops for a generation or two, the tiles don’t significantly raise the height of the existing floor, making it easier to plan transitions from room to room.

The Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Bathroom

While durable and easy to keep clean, laminate falls short when it comes to moisture. Standing water can infiltrate the fiberboard core, causing the material to expand and buckle, making it one tile that might work better in a half-bath than a full bath. With laminates, it’s critical to caulk gaps along the walls, around the toilet, and (if in a full-bathroom) the tub to prevent water infiltration. Another con: Laminates don’t come in quite the same variety of styles you’ll find with ceramics and vinyl.

7. Cork Tiles

The Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Cork flooring is warm to the touch and very easy on the feet, and the tiles come tinted in a variety of colors. Glue-down installation is not complicated, but expect to apply multiple coats of polyurethane to seal the flooring and prevent moisture from reaching the subfloor, even if you purchase finished tiles. Generally, cork tiles are installed with a troweled-on adhesive, but click-in-place floating floor products are also available.

Final Words 

You can transform your bathroom – a place where people wash away the dirt on their bodies – into a mini tourist center. All you need to do the impossible is choose the best quality floor tiles that add a luxury and comfortable feel to the space. You can select any of the above-listed floor tiles depending on your preferences and bathroom needs.